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The Seeds of Revolution

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES brings us the local news:

A pensioner has been told she must stop tending a public flower bed unless she agrees to wear a fluorescent jacket, put up warning signs and use a lookout. June Turnbull, 79, of Urchfront near Devizes, has nurtured the blooms on the plot for eight years. But now she is being told to obey health and safety rules after being spotted by a county council official.

(More) For Mrs Turnbull, the order to comply has simply planted the seeds of rebellion.

"They can send me to jail if they like," she declared. I just want to be left alone to do it.

"It is a very pretty flowerbed. I have tried to make it look very natural."

Mrs Turnbull, who is registered disabled since contracting polio in her youth, considers the flowerbed her patch.

She pays for the plants from her weekly pension and cycles the halfmile from her house to tend them whenever she can.

Residents credit her with transforming the flowerbed into a gorgeous focal point, which helped Urchfont win the title of Best Kept Village in Wiltshire two years ago.

The parish council will meet next month to decide whether to defy the Wiltshire authority's demands.

Quite - what exactly are Wiltshire County Council going to do? Install a spy camera to watch out for when this lovely old disabled lady ventures out of her door with a trowel in her hand? And if they catch her what are they going to do?

The quiet yeomen of England have had enough and while the pitchforks are still in the barn the kowtowing to "authority" is over.

To watch the local news showing her and the flower bed try this link


Your northern contingent are prepared to rise whenever needed!

Doesn't the nanny state government have better things to do with it's time.

"Doesn't the nanny state government have better things to do with it's time."

Well, no.

You see the nanny state's only product is control. It claims to be making people "safe", but in reality, this simply means controlled by their masters. And who better to be the master of the oppressed masses than a caring left wing government. Why they can find countless opportunities to intervene into our troubled lives and make them better by imposing that which is lacking - the oversight of well paid officials. And who could argue with their aim to save lives, prevent bad things from happening and eliminate negative emotions....

Surely the extinction of human freedom in all it's forms is a small price to pay being cared for by the all-wise, all-knowing, ever present nanny state?

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