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Even German Farmers have Property Rights

German farmer demands cash for lost bodies - Telegraph

A German farmer is refusing to allow British families to recover the remains of crew members of a Lancaster bomber shot down during the Second World War - unless they pay him €7,500 (£5,080)....

Mr Bender said he needed the money to cover the cost of returning the field to its original state after the remains had been dug up.

"Everyone wants to come on my land and dig, but no one has offered any money to cover the damages," he said. "I have nothing against giving my permission, but the costs have got to be covered. I can't say how much it would cost without making a thorough estimate, but it will not be less than €7,500."

Initial shock outrage is somewhat tempered by seeing he has a point. I'm not sure how he prices refilling a hole quite so high but whatever. I guess the normal practice of hole diggers, certainly when archaeologists have dug my farm, is that they simply guarantee to reinstate the land themselves. No payment, problem solved.


Does it work when the archeologists 'reinstate' the land?
They seem to churn or turn over a lot.
I've often womndered if , on TV, they have a team of navies out of camera who do the real work when the stars stop talking.

Tim adds - Yes The stars have workers, normal ones have students...

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