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Something Right From the Tories

Tories plan £14bn cuts to red tape - Telegraph

The Conservatives have drawn up a radical programme of cuts in red tape and regulation aimed at saving British businesses £14 billion a year, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

The proposals, to be endorsed by David Cameron, would achieve savings by scrapping huge amounts of legislation imposed on businesses by both Whitehall and Brussels, including rules on working hours and employee protection and restrictions on financial services.

John Redwood, the former cabinet minister who will unveil the findings of his economic competitiveness policy review group this week, said his proposals would be a "tax cut by any other name".

The document is certain to come under heavy attack by Labour and risks setting up the Tories for more bruising clashes with Europe, the unions and the BBC - and even provoking potentially damaging internal Tory rows.

Quick election winning suggestion to the Tories - why not leave all the policy decisions to John Redwood and leave the the limp brained leadership to just wave their hands about and make jowly statements on the telly.


I seem to remember that John Redwood said duirng the 'downfalling' Major years that the Party had to change: 'No change, no chance' I think was the slogan. I wanted JR to run for the leadership or as the 'dream ticket' at the time with Micahel Portillo.

It never ceases to amaze me how well JR speaks and I think most Conservatives agree with every single word he says - always a pleasure to watch live when he's a guest on any of various political shows. The only down side is that the press and almost anyone who's not on the right side :-) love to hate him.

If they really want to sweep to power overnight, just ditch the idiotic road pricing scheme and abolish VAT

He's pissing into the wind, as usual.

They can't actually deliver any of this stuff because most of it is enshrined in EU directives over which no UK government has the slightest influence.

Redwood isn't a fool and must know this, so what is his game?

Or does he just think we're all gullible idiots who will see this rubbish and vote for his party as a result?

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