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Good News on Climate Change

Met Office: London & South East England: forecast
Severe weather warnings have been issued for London & South East England

BBC NEWS | UK | Eco-village with a stark warning

As the tanned, cheerful twenty-somethings set up their tents, you could be forgiven for thinking this was the summer's latest music festival.

Environmental campaigners have assembled here not just to oppose a third runway for the airport.

With their compost toilets, wind turbines and leaderless command structure, they are also keen to demonstrate that an alternative, more sustainable way of living is possible.

Brenda Hatton, 60, a retired head teacher from central London, says she woke up to the issue of climate change after her 29-year-old son began studying geography at university.

"I'm not here for me - I'm here for my children and my grandchildren," ...

Protesters pitch their tents alongside others from the same area - Oxford, London and Nottingham already have settlements, each with their own kitchen serving vegan, organic food.

They say they are here to learn as well as speak out.

More than 100 workshops are due to be held on subjects like carbon offsetting and building wind turbines.

"It's been fun so far - I've been topping up my tan while I work," laughs Claire Blatchford, 20, a "full-time protester" who has spent four months at a peace camp outside Faslane naval base in Scotland.

"I've brought sturdy boots and my waterproofs, though. I'm sure I'll need them after the summer we've had."

Even the most ardent climate change protester, it seems, is forever at the mercy of British weather.

It is almost worth firing up the SUV to drive up to Heathrow to see how the makeshift tents and wind turbines are faring in the howling winds and torrential rain of our globally warmed summer....


when her 29-year-old son began studying geography at university

29? Another layabout. Get a job!

... "full-time protester" WTF?

Fucking layabout. Still at least they have somewhere to park the eco-bike

I'm thinking of heading down there and setting up an 'eat what you slaughter' barbecue which will be on fullheat 24 hours a day burning all the fossil fuels and pig carcasses it can. We'll also have a big ol' fan that will blow the smells towards the protesters and hopefully mess with their wind turbines and make them go backwards (since ours will be powered with gasoline instead of spirit-guides).

A summary of some of the links on the 'National Conversation' launch are at: http://1820.org.uk/ including to the documet itself which is now available for download .


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