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Secrets of an Iain Dale Sect Slave

Iain Dale's Diary: The 2007-8 Blogging Guide: Progress Reminder

You now only have 5 days to get your Top 20 blogs to Iain (ranked 1-20) before the deadline of midnight tomorrow.

Iain has been asking various bloggers to review the blogs of their respective political sects. Having just visited 376 different blogs and given them a speed dating rating I'm blogged out.

I notice that some of the top scorers are ones I don't read and some of my favourites are lower down. I was trying to be fairly objective but I'm sure my biases show through and if I did it again the score would be different.

There are some really excellent local issue blogs which tended to get scored down as the "Dog Poo in the Park" story is excellent if you live near the park but not for the rest of the country. May I suggest a best local blog category next year. Candidates certainly should do one to engage with their potential voters!


I found it not all that difficult really.

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