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Health Snippets

Woman dies after attack in mixed-sex psychiatric ward - Times Online

A female patient has died after an attack by a man being cared for in the same psychiatric unit despite long-standing government pledges to end the use of mixed-sex wards.

Elderly people suffering abuse and neglect in residential care homes - Times Online
Elderly people are suffering from abuse, neglect and malnutrition in hospitals and care homes, according to a report by peers and MPs.

BBC NEWS | Health | 'I was shocked by the lack of care'
Sue McMahon's father Wallace Beaumont went into hospital in Greater Manchester in February 2005 aged 87 with slight breathlessness...
"The staff thought he had come from an old people's home but he had been completely independent, a smart gentleman who always wore a blazer and tie," she said.
"He had travelled abroad with family only months before and had until eight months before been the sole carer of our mother, who had Alzheimer's.
"I went on the ward the next day to find him sat on a chair near the door with his coat, hat and clothes in a bag as if he was leaving, but the staff told me he got upset if he was asked to go back to his bed and they didn't have time to talk to him so they left him there all morning in his own faeces.
"He stayed in hospital for several weeks - he lost a lot of weight and he was dirty - I changed him each time I arrived.
"He went to a temporary ward where no-one knew his history and just assumed he was a dirty, incontinent old man with dementia and wasn't worth bothering to keep him clean or take him to the toilet.

Discovered in pool of his own urine - Telegraph
Marilyn Payne's 75-year-old father Dennis was discovered in a pool of his own urine, with a pressure sore "the size of two fists" on his back, she decided enough was enough.
Mr Payne, a resident at Southover nursing home in Maidenhead, Berks, was admitted to hospital in a condition which doctors said was commonly associated with wartime trenches. He was suffering from gangrene, septicaemia, dehydration and malnutrition.
During his first two months in the home, which has since been shut down, Miss Payne noticed he was losing weight, often partly dressed and sopping wet. When she complained to the matron she was told she was "upsetting staff".

Miss Payne, left work to look after him, took him home and cared for him until he died in 2002.

It used to be "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee." but when we abdicate that responsibility to the all caring state we are expected to trust in the system and not question it. Do, loudly and often.


Looking after ones own family could possibly delay the new plasma tv etc....the state has destroyed many peoples social responsibilities.

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