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Mind how you go...

Independence vote for 'Scots only' - Telegraph
Speaking as he unveiled a White Paper on independence, Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, said only Scots would be given a vote in a referendum on the issue.

British politicians, including Margaret Thatcher, had accepted that the question of self-determination was for the people of Scotland alone to choose, he said.

"The decision when it comes will be a decision for Scots," he added.

So they won't want to hear the views of an Englishman then, but if I can help them pack as they leave I'll be only too pleased to help.


It does beg the question - should England have a referendum on whether she (they, you) wants Scotland to remain in the Union - and if not, will we get booted out? It's all very entertaining.

I'd very much like to see Scotland say no to Independence, just so Alex Salmond and his SNP weenies shut up for a few years.

I don't often disagree but this would make the "West Lothian" question moot so to my mind it's a good thing. The more I think about this the more I hope that they vote yes, the fallout from this could be rather spectacular.

Imagine a BIG hole in Westminster where all those Scotch people sat. They can f*ck off back oop north and mess with their own patch for a change.

/Goes to the beer fridge, giggling

We don't need a vote on Scotch independence, we need a vote on English independence.

The bastards dont want independence; they want the English to carry on paying for them indefinitely! They wont be independent anyway; they WANT to be in the EU! So, it's all bollocks!

Let them have it if that's what they want. They are a pretty unfriendly bunch anyway. The Danes and the Greeks are a lot nicer.

Maybe we could all be independent ? We could each have our own little country. I would call mine Setteestan 'cause that's where I spend most of my time. My missus can have Kitchenstan. I could also issue my own passports for anyone who wants to come for a holiday (hmm I've just given meself an idea!).

Why Harry ? I wanted to type the ginger-haired one ! Are you a closet authoritarian ?

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