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Take more Tonic Water in your Gin

Weary Britons are braced for mosquito invasion
...this year is not a normal year. Met Office forecasts of a heatwave in August to follow the exceptionally wet start to the summer come with a health warning. Scientists are predicting that weather conditions in the UK could be "extremely conducive" to the spread of the most unwelcome of guests -- the parasite-infested mosquito.

It's the damned heat Carruthers, isn't it? It seems to be mainly reheating the same old stories...


Personally I use a brand insect repellent that's probably banned in most first world countries. For those who prefer more natural remedies, local wisdom is that a diet containing large quantities of rum and garlic makes one's blood unpalatable to mosquitos.

There is one side effect though; it tends to make one smell rather unpleasant.

So there you are: be mozzie free but freindless the natural way or rely on weapons grade chemical repellants.

Nah! Apart from substituting scotch for rum, make sure your diet contains lots of marmite. Mozzies don't like marmite! Honest!

Health warning - marmite does not cure Malaria (AFAIK)

What caliber for mosquitos?

Not more tonic - good rief, man, it makes the drink useless. Rather drink more G&Ts at regular strength.

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