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Tax and Spend Tories

We’ll pay for any cuts in taxes by imposing green levies, say Tories - Times Online
The Conservative leadership gave notice yesterday that it would use green taxes to fund any tax reduction promises at the next election.

After a week in which the party high-lighted a policy group report calling for massive reductions in the burden of tax regulation and the abolition of inheritance tax, George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, dampened expectations by saying that the party would not be offering overall reductions in taxation. Any tax cuts that were identified would be balanced by tax increases elsewhere, such as green levies,

How depressing, how obvious. As a matter of interest has George Osbourne got any balls? If they are undescended I know it is embarrassing but it can be sorted out. It is just that the pasty faced tosser doesn't seem to have an ounce of determination or a scintilla of Toryness about him.


Amazing... they come within an ace of a policy that might actually have given them a slender chance of being elected and so decide to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I despair at the Tories. Who can sensible people vote for now?

I initially thought Osborne's early denial that he was going to abolish inheritance tax was part of a masterly strategy: sacrifice one of Redwood's proposals to outflank your critics and keep all the rest. (I got so carried away with this "pawn sacrifice" I wrote a gushing post about it.)

But as MarkS writes, it seems Osborne has wrought a defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory situation. I, too, am losing hope of Cameron's Conservatives.

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