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State Sponsored Kidnapping?

Lifted and reposted in full from Tim Worstall (As he beat me to posting on it and made a better job than I could have done.)

Oh happy day! Frabjous! Your children belong to the State and we are geting ever closer to that glorious day of utmost perfection, when all the targets will have been met!

Vanessa Brookes, 34, who is due to give birth early next month, smuggled taping equipment into a meeting with social services officials, fearing they would try to take her baby for forced adoption.

She recorded a social worker telling her and her husband Martin, 41, that even though there was "no immediate risk to your child from yourselves", the council would seek a court order to place the child in foster care.

Mother and baby would be allowed "two or three days" in hospital together, but should not leave the premises until social workers came to remove the infant. In a desperate attempt to keep their baby, the couple have published the recorded conversation on the internet.

The tape is here. The council is taking legal action to have it removed, so would someone with the requisite skills like to copy it?

So, why is this happening?

The case returns the spotlight to claims that social services are being heavy-handed in removing children from their parents, in order to meet Government adoption targets.

And tractor production is up! Glories Comrades!

Forget the Nanny state and its laughable bans on conkers, this is its true face.


This is the sort of thing that went on in Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany. Nulabour is neo-fascism executed with Stalinist ruthlessness.

As he beat me to posting on it and made a better job than I could have done.

Humility does not become you, sir. Judge not, that ye be not judged. :)

This Stalinism cannot go unchallenged.

The original jihaditube video...

and a AVI back up...

It's saddening how the mistakes of the past are repeated again and again in different forms. As the Social Movement gain pre-eminence, they repeat the monstrosities they despised when the "other side" did them. So, a few decades ago mothers had their children forcibly adopted for breaking the old guard's moral rules- born out of wedlock. Now the same again, just with different criteria for the mother's "sin".

Britain is becoming an appalling place to live. I wonder what the left's version of the Magdalene Laundries will be?

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