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Teacherz is 2 blaim

CBI Press Release
Tech-savvy youngsters are making a great impression on employers with their IT skills, but too often they lack basic abilities in English and maths, the CBI warned today.

In advance of GCSE results, a survey by the UK’s biggest business group revealed that - in an increasingly technology-driven work environment - nine out of ten employers are happy with the IT skills of “Generation Text”.

However, more than half of employers are unhappy with the fundamental English and maths skills of these school leavers, with many businesses having to retrain teenagers on basics that should have been covered in the classroom....

Richard Lambert, CBI Director-General, said: “Young people are clearly doing some things very well. These technology-smart whizz kids are making a great impression at businesses with their expertise in IT and computing.

“Their fluency with iPods, mobiles and MySpace has translated well into the workplace, and often gives them an edge over their bosses. The greater focus on IT in schools and investment in computers is also helping.

“The challenge ahead is for schools to channel that same enthusiasm into numeracy and literacy skills, where far too many young people are struggling.

The computers in school are great for keeping the kids quiet but to think their "their fluency with iPods, mobiles and MySpace" has anything to do with schools is laughable. These skills are self taught with in peer groups, usually despite the school which will have banned iPods, mobiles and MySpace. Kids are inquisitive, smart and keen to learn, so they do with these skills. Maths and English have billions of pounds and reams of resources thrown at them and fail to be presented properly in the gulags of our classrooms. It's not the kids' fault. The fault lies in the compulsory monolithic state education system, and the cure probably needs more of our children to learn basic carpentry and knot tying, I'll supply the hempen rope.


To a terrible extent, schools seem to go out of their way to make it hard for kids to learn, as opposed to 'sit quietly and be a good little drone'. My daughter skipped kindergarten and went straight into 1st grade, and did just fine, and my son was really looking forward to school. Alas, by that time it had been made mandatory kids to to bloody kindergarten first, and his enthusiasm turned to boredom: he could play at home, dammit, he wanted to learn! It took years to get him past that, and the fact that class so often stayed boring didn't help at all.

And now the nannies want 'pre-kindergarten' to be mandated. God help us.

Totally agree. I didn't learn anything about computers in school that I hadn't already taught myself. Nobody learn anything they didn't already known - some already knew it, the rest wouldn't or couldn't learn it.

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