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Sarcasm - derived from the Greek sarkasmos, meaning "to bite the lips in rage"

Scotsman.com News - UK - 'Lowest form of wit' tops poll, proving that Britons love sarcasm
Well, there's a surprise - sarcasm is our favourite kind of comedy

FROM the savage tirades of hotel owner Basil Fawlty to the suave and waspish Blackadder, it has long been a mainstay of the comedy scene.

And while sarcasm may be denigrated as the lowest form of wit, a new survey claims it is also the nation's favourite.

...Rob Deering, who is performing at the Underbelly's Smirnoff Baby Belly venue, said: "We reserve the right to be miserable, focus on the bad things in life, and deflate all that is good at all times. Sarcasm keeps misery alive while you're having a laugh in the pub."

The Australian comic Brendon Burns, appearing at the Pleasance Dome, said the UK's taste for sarcasm was driven by "self-loathing and taking the p*** out of someone else to make them look stupid".

He said: "There is a presumed intellectual superiority in Britain, so anything that makes someone look dumber than you goes down rather well here."

Ah poor diddums, just because the audience doesn't like his "shouty 1980s stylee throwback" "utter rubbish" and he knows it :Brendon Burns is not happy with the Monday-night reception he receives. "It's a fuckin' show, act like it!" he roars, stomping back off the stage. "It's been sold out every night - you're lucky to get a ticket you cunts!"

What wit, what sophistication, but then "he is also serious about what he does, describing himself repeatedly, and not always plausibly, as a "wordsmith" with a wonderful "turn of phrase". Maybe sarcasm is bit too sophisticated for "Australian Shouter" and it is unfair of us Brits to expect him to be able to appreciate it.....


Brits also like slapstick and jokes about farting, getting drunk and funny foreigners. We really must be a disappointment to these trendy sophisticates.

No wonder they hate us; the only surprise is why they keep going to England to try ad earn a buck. You'd have thought they'd be too principled to accept such ideologically tainted lucre.

Ah, the Edinburgh festival at its finest. I can only hope the audience heckled as appropriate.

"self-loathing" and "presumed intellectual superiority". An interesting combination. Having lived in Australia for five years I can confirm that the term Australian comic is an oxymoron, they try to rip off the poms or the laconic, observational US comics but just don't understand the humour, either coming up with something that is simply not funny or flogging a reasonable idea to death.

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