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Cuts Causing Deaths

Hospital downgrades 'could kill thousands' - Telegraph
A study has found that the further patients travel in an ambulance to reach hospital the more likely they are to die.

Its authors say the findings show Government policy-making "may be driven by anecdote or supposition" rather than based on evidence of what is best for patients....

The A&E research is published in today's Emergency Medicine Journal and says that mortality rates increase by one per cent for every extra 10km travelled.

I used to have two A&E departments locally, one 6 miles, one ten. Now the nearest is a half an hour drive away. The official position is that the ambulance that will drive out to me will have a paramedic on board now, so I am not to worry if I don't make it to the A&E within the Golden Hour. Bollocks. In the US scoop and run is the norm, and its what I have done for my kids. That's me slewing to a halt outside the entrance and dripping blood all over the reception desk. Despite their tuts that I should have left it to the "professionals" it embarrasses them to have someone die in the waiting room so normally a "real" doctor can be persuaded to leave his cup of coffee and get to work.

And politically here's an issue for Cameron to really get his teeth into, will he have a bulldog bite or is he more the Golden Lab type?


"it embarrasses them to have someone die in the waiting room"

One could almost imagine that by delaying the arrival of patients the authorities are conducting a particularly cynical form of finance based triage: Patients who really need to be brought in during the golden hour are the ones most likely to cost lots to fix.

And as you intimate, DOA is such a nice write off, implying as it does that the case was hopeless and nobody can be blamed. Probably doesn't count against any targets either.

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