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Gordon's Big Fat Wedding

The money dance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are various cultures in which the Money Dance (or in some cultures Dollar Dance or Apron Dance) is a traditional part of the wedding reception.

Scotsman.com News - Politics - Labour got £500,000 in Brown's first three days as PM
The figures may fuel speculation about Mr Brown calling an early election.

However, Labour remains deep in debt, owing around £16.3 million, while the Tories have liabilities of only £9 million.

And one of the major donations to Labour risks exposing the Prime Minister to charges of hypocrisy. Shortly after Mr Brown's appointment, Labour took £150,000 from Bet 365, a gambling company.

Gordon waltzing around the Cabinet room with eager supplicants pinning banknotes to his suit, what a picture! And of course just to wish him well on his honeymoon....


Politicians have no shame. They will take money from anyone just as long as it allows them to cling on to power.

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