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Rubbish Durvey from the LGA

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Many' support pay-as-you-throw
Almost two-thirds of people would support a "pay-as-you-throw" system of collecting household waste, a Local Government Association survey suggests.
But only if it is rebranded "save-as-you-throw" and they get large council tax decreases... As my correspondent says:

I don't necessarily argue with the economics of pay-as-you-throw, but the
LGA carrying out such a survey is a akin to King Herrod undertaking a survey
on child abuse! What chances are there that this would really be revenue
neutral? Costs foisted on to the public as hypothecated charges create a
revenue hole that bureaucrats simply can't help filling with some unwanted
service that expands their empire. All your cash belong to us! We'd end up
paying more... That's for sure. Look what happened when water charges were
decoupled from the local rates.

And let's not mention that rubbish collection is a public health measure and if we start not paying for others waste to be collected, well then there are a lot of other council services only others use that I would prefer not to pay for either. I mean what has the Lesbian Outreach worker ever done for me, not even sent me the videos I asked for....


They asked a shade over 1000 people. How is that ever going to be statistically relevant? The last time I looked, the straw poll on the BBC page had 10 times as many people voting in it, and curiously 2/3 of people voted against it.

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