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Geriatrics, once more into the breach!

Spark me up: Stones flout ban at O2 concert - Telegraph
The Rolling Stones will not be prosecuted despite repeatedly flouting the smoking ban during their first concert on home soil since the new law.

Although Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood lit up time after time on stage at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday night, Greenwich borough council said nothing could be done because fans at the 23,000-capacity venue had not objected.

The council said it had warned them not to smoke on stage.

The Devil's Advocate: A man's got to do what a man's got to do
...For eight years, 79-year-old June Turnbull has tended a flowerbed alongside the road that runs through her Wiltshire village. And then someone grassed her up to the Health and Safety Nazis......

Luckily, Mrs Turnbull, who pays for the plants out of her pension, is made of sterner stuff than the wimps who cravenly caved into things like the smoking ban. “They can send me to jail if they like,” she says. “I just want to be left alone to do it.”

That’s the spirit. We need to rebel against nonsense like this. And who better to do it than grumpy old folk?

PERHAPS THE veterans of Horwich, near Bolton, might take a leaf out of Mrs Turnbull’s book. There they’ve cancelled this year’s Remembrance Sunday parade after police refused to conduct the usual rolling road bock system and insisted on road closures and marshals … at a cost of £18,000.

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the British Legion just march on regardless? These people handled Dunkirk and Burma. Two spotty 16-year-old beat bobbies eating sweets and swigging Dandelion & Burdock aren’t exactly going to be much opposition.

The only way to deal with the choking grip of the jobsworths in the Turkey Army is to defy them at every turn. Civil disobedience should be the order of the day. Bring it on.

Maybe we will be saved by the old people, instead of silver surfing why don't they go out there and enjoy being cantankerous to the petty officials? Most of them enjoy being rude, given the chance, and what else have they got to do apart from dribble soup down their cardies as they watch Carol Vorderman? The patronising gits in the councils don't know how to deal with independent old people, it is a "non-compute" error that some don't depend on the council for their every whim. So reclaim the streets with your zimmer frames and if some should fall in the struggle, well in what better cause?

Dulce et decorum est pro illegitium carborundum mori.


"How sweet and proper it is to grind the bastards to death"?

Sorry I played for the first XV and so got let off latin.

Totally agree with your call for the crumblies to revolt. For one thing while the state would happily throw my sorry arse into gaol without a qualm, the image of thousands of pensioners being hauled before the beak would be far more damaging to the government.

I applaud that you realise we geriatrics are a force to fear but why the fuck should we fight YOUR battles as well as our own. After all the support you youngsters offer pensioners is derisory.
We have done our share. Get off your fat arses, man your own barricades and fight the fight IF you dare.
We'll stand by, offer well chosen words of advice and encouragement and then pick up the pieces and show how it should be done.
Until then Bollocks!!!
Alfie, (no longer grumpy!)

Good on you Alfie.
If Englishman's castle read the news he would know that oldies are too busy having sex etc. to sort out the snivellers problems.
Dribbling indeed!!

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