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Summer Camp - The sort I wish I had gone to.

What do you mean its a hoax, eh?

Thanks to a Canadian reader for sending it to me, and the outraged reaction...


That's great. I think the reaction may almost be more funny

"Some Torontonians didn't realize the blue, tree-motif posters were a hoax. Sarah Heywood told CBC News that she flew into a rage when she saw the ads on Queen Street West.

"It just brought up so much anger in me," Heywood said. "I immediately thought, wow, this is real, this is happening, people are now actually providing these kinds of services and opportunities for people who actually allow their children to go and experience something like that here in Canada.""

This woman is too stupid to be allowed out on her own....

Wow, I wish I had been able to go! Though I think it's kinda cruel to start the kidss of on 7.62 x 39mm, and on full auto to boot. A Marlin 10/22 followed by an M4 type carbine would be much more suitable. Also, he didn't mention proper gun safety and they weren't wearing eye protection. Room for improvements certainly.

"This woman is too stupid to be allowed out on her own"

Unfortunately, she is a typical Torontonian. "Toronto, where God looks when the Earth needs an enema."

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