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State Confiscation of Kids

Children taken from parents and adopted ‘to meet ministry targets’ - Times Online
Record numbers of young children are being taken from their parents and adopted - sometimes unjustly - to meet government targets, it is claimed today.

Each year some 1,300 babies under a month old are placed in care before adoption, compared with 500 when the Government came to power, BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts claims today.

The programme is told that there are now more than 100 cases of possible miscarriages of justice in which children have been forcibly or unjustly adopted.

It says that the number of parents in England who have lost their children, despite insufficient evidence that they were causing them harm, has reached record levels.

One reason, according to social workers, is that they are under pressure to meet government adoption targets – in line with ministers’ policy for more children in care to be adopted.

At the same time, it is claimed, parents are not always given a proper chance to challenge adoptions because of the short time limit for appeals and the secrecy of the family courts.

Where's the Save Maddy campaign for these kids? Taking kids away from the poor, disabled misfits because they fail to match a social worker's expectations is not as newsworthy, but just as heartbreaking. But then we live in a State that believes in social engineering and that all your kids are belong to it.


Taking kids away from the poor, disabled misfits because they fail to match a social worker's expectations is not as newsworthy, but just as heartbreaking

Possibly more so. I suspect the misfits genuinely miss their kids while I can't shake an uncomfortable feeling that there's something not quite kosher in the Maddie case.

I'm not comfortable with judging that things are not quite kosher with any particular case, RM, innocent until proven guilty and all that currently highly dispensible junk. However, as the son, brother and husband of a social worker (no it's not the same person, we're not from Norfolk or Kentucky), I am quite certain that any social worker who took a child away fom its parents to meet government targets rather than in the child's best interests is in very clear breech of the social workers' code of ethics. I am confident that none of my three relatives would do such a thing and can't imagine how anyone who did could sleep at night.

Surely this is just part of a broader plan to have state control of all children.
This is especially so if it separates men from their children.
And it seems that the people who will ultimately control these children are mostly females - teachers , social workers etc.
Well it is better than enforced parturition for all the maiden aunts.

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