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Not as green as I'm cabbage looking...

Eco-slackers feel the pressure to keep up with Green-Joneses - Times Online
Where once the chattering classes would have vied to demonstrate the most conspicuous consumption, now they are competing to be the greenest.

Such a shift has taken place in attitudes to the environment that conversation at dinner parties is more likely to turn to who had the most environmentally friendly holiday rather than who went to the most exotic location.

The pressure to be seen to be green is so strong that nine out of ten people admit telling “little green lies” to avoid being labelled an eco-vandal, a poll has found.

The survey, commissioned by Norwich Union, found that more than half of the people questioned considered unethical living more socially unacceptable than drink-driving. Three-quarters said that ethical one-upmanship is now one of the main themes of conversation at the school gates or while having meals with friends.

Dr Peter Marsh, co-director of the Social Issues Research Council, said that the issue of being greener than the Joneses cropped up frequently during lifestyle studies. “You see it in cars. Yesterday you talked about brake horsepower, now people talk about carbon emissions from their car

And you see it in my face as I sit quietly in the corner getting drunk rather than rage at the empty headed posturing of the brainless. Despite not insulting the host I still don't get invited back to this sort of dinner party, can't think why.


I suppose the question is: would you want to be invited back?

We had a great holiday, flew around the world, went jetskiing, race car driving, hired a luxury saloon for touring, had great evenings eating out under patio heaters and can you believe some moron wanted me to pay extra to offset our carbon emissions, what a hoot......I'll get me coat (apologies to The Fast Show). Fortunately, our social mix does not include eco-Jones so we can party to our hearts content (party with potjiekos, one lamb and one chicken, at our place tomorrow night and I guarantee nobody will give a stuff about the eco-footprint of the night).

PS: At a small party on Wednesday (not so dry run for tomorrow, just checking we can still cook a potjie, guinea pig neighbours still kicking so deemed a success), cars did come up, but not carbon emissions. To be honest neither did bhp, being in Aus and all, but V8, 6.0 litre, 307 kw did, as did the general consensus that a jag must be British Racing Green.

Time to go and jump in the heated spa with a sparkling shiraz, it is Friday evening over here now (just checking the chemicals for tomorrow).

Not really much of a story. They used to waste their money on expensive useless fun things, now they waste their money on expensive useless green things. One lot of luxury goods gets swapped for another as the fashions change. This season it is green, next season it might be orange.

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