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Green rubbish measures will lead to more pollution

Labour's tax will up fly-tipping, say Tories - Telegraph
Households in England could have to pay to take rubbish to their local tip under new Government proposals, the Tories said yesterday.

Councils currently have a legal duty to provide sites for residents to dispose of household waste

A Whitehall consultation document on boosting recycling disclosed plans that would allow town halls to charge people for throwing away household waste that does not fit in their bins.

The Conservatives labelled the proposals a "tip tax" and said it would increase fly-tipping and punish responsible behaviour.

...The "tip tax" would be designed to stop people avoiding doorstep collection charges by taking all their household waste to the local dump.

The consultation said: "The Government would also make legislative changes to allow financial incentives to be implemented at civic amenity (CA) sites to avoid a situation where household waste was simply diverted to CA sites."

Since the local dump recycling centre opened we have had a lot less fly-tipping, start charging for people to take their waste there and of course fly-tipping will increase. But can that nice green Mr Cameron work his way through the thicket of opposing green claims on rubbish to simply state that rubbish collection is a public health measure and must remain free as a public good?


It originally was charged for and people dumped waste everywhere, and the country lost loads more money through illness and rats.
Even a manic libertarian like me can see that this is a public good.

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