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Gun Crime - Causes and Correlations

I think the sad events of this week prove yet again that it isn't guns that cause gun crime but the wearing of garish polyester football shirts. It seems all victims and suspects of gun crime wear them.

My suggestion to solve the problem is a simple law that states guns may only, and can be freely, carried by wearers of natural fibres; cotton shirts, silk ties, wool, waxed cotton with leather boots etc. (A small amount of Goretex could be permitted as proper dubbin is hard to find).


Leather too, I hope.

You forgot linen.

Otherwise I concur.

It might bring a whole new meaning to "going commando"

I think you miss the point.
Ignore the young and give guns to senior citizens.
This would make everyone polite - unless you wanted to be gunned down by a crabby grandad.

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