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Fred Karno's Secret Police

Outrage at 500,000 DNA database mistakes - Telegraph
The database, the biggest in the world, contains about four million names.

But it has been dogged by problems. Statistics released by the Home Office show it contains around 550,000 files with wrong or misspelt names.

It is understood that some of the errors have been caused by people deliberately giving someone else's name - or names of people who do not exist. The database, which police are determined to expand, also contains spelling errors and other inaccuracies.

Another source of concern to opponents, shown in the figures, is that the system has the DNA profiles of about 150,000 children, many of whom were arrested by police but found to be innocent.....

Ministers accept the system is suffering teething problems but insist........

If you are going to set up an authoritarian surveillance state at least you might as well try to be efficient at it, isn't the boast meant to be the ability to get the trains running on time, oh never mind....


Perhaps we should keep quiet about this one, Englishman? Our countrymen seem determined to let Labour build a police state. If we must have one, please God let it be as inefficient as the present shambles.

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