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Slopping Out

Like it or not, thou shalt recycle thy rotting food | Mick Hume: Thunderer - Times Online
...Our local authority is the latest in London to make recycling compulsory. The council says that it in turn has been compelled to impose this scheme by the threat of government fines.

Free societies rarely make things compulsory, preferring to rule out what we may not do rather than dictate what we must....

the real aim of domestic recycling has long had more to do with changing our behaviour than affecting climate change. It is about sorting people into the clean-living who recycle, and the trash who do not. The message is that Green is Good. Now the garbage police are going farther with the threat of fines for unrepentant sinners; our council says these will be “a last resort to persistent nonrecyclers” – others call them serial eco-criminals. It seems we are going to be in the state’s Good Books whether we like it or not.

The eco-crusaders want to have their cake and recycle it. They caution that man-made global warming means the planet is doomed. Yet they also want us to believe that we can save the world if only we rinse out a can and do our laundry at 30C. It just won’t wash.

Still, the council leaflet assures us that compulsory recycling “can also be fun” – just before it orders us to put out our recycling box “by 6am”.

Why am I reminded of the laws on Archery Practice and other impositions on our freedoms...


At least the laws on archery practice put the most powerful military assault weapon of the day in the hands of the general population.

Which is probably why later authorities weren't too upset when people played football instead - they'd realised they were actually ordering the populace to train for rebellion.

Recycling is a simple Eco-catechism for tree-huggers, an act of ritual purity for soap-dodgers, it's like counting beads and nothing else.

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