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Community Involvement in the Criminal Justice System

Tar and feathers for Belfast ‘drug dealer’

The victim was tied to a lamppost as masked men poured tar over him then covered him in feathers as women and children looked on.

A placard around his neck declared: "I'm a drug dealing scumbag."

The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith QC said of the day:

This was an inspiring day. .... We are going to make community involvement and problem solving a reality here ... I am challenging prosecutors to think creatively about their role at the heart of community justice, from start to finish. What has been discussed here will blaze a trail across the country.

While old fatty Goldsmith might not have been talking of this particular day, with the Government retreating from the essential idea that the State acts as a fair judge of punishment with its calls for victims or the nebulous community to be "involved" this is what you will get. I note from the Sun that the victim didn't go to the police or hospital, so a fully privatised justice system then...


Not to worry.
This is precisely the sort of anti-social behaviour the Police are targeting.
It couldn't happen in Croxteth... could it?

Ex-Pat Alfie

Reading the Times article, it seems as though the scumbag wasn't a drug dealer at all -- or did the Times just choose to politicize the whole thing, and get it all wrong in so doing?

"The victim was tied to a lamppost..."
I think the word they're looking for here is "miscreant".
But then, I'm not a journalist.

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