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Quixotic Claims

Wind farm cash-in for renewable energy companies - Telegraph

Energy companies are cashing in on Government subsidies by building wind farms that will never make any money because they are being constructed on sites with not enough wind, it has been claimed.

Experts said claims of wind farm potential were being overestimated - Wind farm cash-in for renewable energy companies
Experts said claims of wind farm potential were being overestimated

Despite Britain being the windiest nation in Europe, some farms are proposed for sites where companies have exaggerated their potential, a BBC investigation alleged.

To meet EU targets for renewable energy, the Government has subsidised the wind turbine industry by half a billion pounds. Yet companies have not managed to deliver even 0.5 per cent of Britain's electricity needs....

Jim Oswald, an engineering consultant, analysed figures submitted to the electricity watchdog Ofgem on every wind farm's load factor - the amount of wind generated across the year.

The recommended load factor for a viable wind development is 30 per cent, but he said the average across Britain was 28 per cent. The problem lied with the volatility of the wind, he added.

An over reliance on wind power could result in power failures and higher electricity bills, he said, adding that the network needed to be redesigned.

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) rejected the claims. It said subsidies were not paid for the building of farms, only per unit of electricity supplied to the National Grid...

Mr Jefferson and Mr Oswald criticised the fact that some wind farms in remote areas such as northern Scotland were sitting idle because they were not connected to the National Grid.

The claim that subsides don't pay for the building of the farms because it is paid on the juice produced shows the kindergarten level of economics of the whole sorry whirligig scam.


and how long will it be before a (literally) flaming chunk of propellor blade lands on a motorway or a school? (see www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,500902,00.html). Funny how the greenies seem to ignore that risk - and it looks as though a lot of the bird choppers be uninsured after 5 years as replacing the gear boxes is *not* subsidised :-)

Another stupid idea from the people who brought us "the EU", a pensions scam, more and more taxes, no smoking and so on. It was always a bad idea, it now seems that it is badly engineered as well. Perhaps one day they will admit that the wind is not consistent.

Scratch one up for uintended consequences! Will governments ever learn?

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