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Diana and me

The regrettable legacy of Diana | Mick Hume: Notebook - Times Online

So, what did you do in Diana Week, daddy?

Embarrassed by how they got caught up in the public outpourings between her death and funeral, some now try to dismiss it as “the week we all went mad”. Speak for yourself.

The thing I remember about the death of Diana, I learnt of first as a joke on the internet. Early on the Sunday morning before I had turned on a radio or TV I checked my email, oh you early adopter!, and was perplexed by this message::

"I see Princess Diana was on the radio last night,.... and the dashboard, steering wheel and right through the windscreen"

I knew then t'internet was going to change the world.


shortly followed by the news that Leyland engineers had been called to the scene. They were the only ones who knew how to remove an emgine from a Princess...
Boom boom..

Our first comments were "That's convenient, I wonder if MI5 were involved", but we're cynical buggers

or that mercedes had recalled that model after the accident,,,,they kept on finding dye all over the seats....
Boom boom

if her IQ had been any lower they would have had to water her twice a week

..but maybe Chas would have talked to her more often?

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