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Wendy Alexander asks me to shut up.

Stop whingeing about Scots cash, Labour leader tells the English - Times Online
The leader-elect of Labour in Scotland has told people in England to stop complaining that they would be better off financially without the Scots.

Wendy Alexander said that the claim could just as easily be made about other parts of the United Kingdom, resulting in London unilaterally declaring independence from other regions of England such as the North East and Merseyside.

Ms Alexander, who takes over formally as Labour leader north of the Border on September 14, said in an interview with The Times that such criticism missed the point of the 300-year-old Union between the two countries. Contrary to the widespread impression in England, Scotland did not get preferential treatment from the Treasury, she said.

Figures from the Scottish Executive show that the Government spends £1,236 more on every person in Scotland than it does in England. But Ms Alexander said: “It does not come down to numbers.....people in England should put aside these differences in policy between the two countries and look to the bigger picture of two countries “sharing risk, revenue and resources”.

I love that sort of sharing, no risk, no resources but give me the money!


I love it - more arrogance from chippy Scots people. Thanks for the analysis Wendy, but upon careful and dispassionate ruminating, bum scratching, blue skying and outside the envelope thinking - I reckon I'll stick with be being not a whingeing Englishman but rather a bloody furious Englishman. I do hope that is OK with you.

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