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How do you like your Martini?

Kim du Toit is pondering over what to do with his Martini.

Here's the perfect Saturday afternoon film to demonstrate some lovely Martini action.


How do you like your Martini, Henry?

With a properly buttoned tunic and helmet at the proper angle, thankyou, Sergeant.

Though I must admit, I've always thought Plod could take some lessons from the amaZulu when it comes to intimidating synchronised shield banging when quelling riotous assemblies. I would imagine your average bunch of chavs would find that most off-putting.

My mate John has been trying to convince me to purchase a Martini-Henry for my wall... I am sorely tempted. Of course, I'd also have to get a firearms certificate as I would want to put some of those miraculous Boxer-Henry .45 calibre rounds through it.

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