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Schoolboy Politics

Gordon Brown's Tory appeal ignites poll fever - Telegraph
Gordon Brown today heightens election fever with a direct pledge to Conservative Party supporters that he intends to be a prime minister who includes them in his government and acts on their behalf.
Gordon, hitting his stride, added:
"We should, and must, have a strong and reliable government to promote our interests in Europe and the World. In Britain, too, we must have a less casual government that must take drastic measures in solving our unemployment, economic, transport and local government problems. Not long ago we were looked upon as a strong country; now our only hope of survival in an age dominated by nuclear power is to link up with our stronger western allies. So you can see our status today leaves much to be desired. I conclude, we can and indeed must have a more dynamic government."

That second quote was from Gordon Brown aged 12 in 1963 - but his desire for a less casual government is well documented today and as for his linking up with our western allies, the traitorous sell out to Europe says it all. He is still the same little pompous prick he was as a precocious Kirkcaldy schoolboy with the same tired old socialist thoughts. It may fool the odd cod botherer (or maybe not), but it doesn't fool me, or I hope you.


How many dairy herds and dairy farmers were lost in the Mad Scare Over Cows -- pardon me -- Mad Cow scare? Is it possible for that devastation not to have an effect on the current situation? Just curious.

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