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Musto laugh

musto%20shooting.jpg Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Musto, who manufacture a decent sort of outdoor clobber have fallen for the Daniella Westbrook Burberry moment. Four lovely models on a hillside dressed top to toe in nearly identical outfits - if that doesn't make you think "tossers" then you are a city banker who pays too much for your shooting. The only identically dressed people on a shoot are the staff, not soft-skinned smooth-shaven boy-band men pretending to be guests. On the rare and horrible occasion when a new jacket has to be bought it is traditionally put in the Labrador basket for a week to prevent you turning up like a new boy at school in a shiny uniform.
And anyone who pretends to go stalking without tieing their laces, maybe mummy wasn't there for him, is liable to be face first in a bog before long.


Haha! You know, out on the boat (a sort of marine equivalent of the Mk II Landy) in winter I keep a shiny, sun-browned and duct-tape patched old barbour that does me a treat. Being taken to the boat is the final stage in the life of such a coat - after it can no longer reasonably be loaned even to the most undiscriminating guest, when the ingrained stench gets it banned from the utility room, when urban foxes start to regard it as something interesting to mate with. A crust of dried saltwater on the seams probably actually improves its overall hygiene. As the boat happily sits in any old mud mooring, the fluvial stench of rank alluvial mud, old bilge and diesel will also overlay all those earlier, more terrestrial scents.

Imagine then the reaction of the rag-and-stick boys all clad in immaculate spanking new £500 Musto deep-ocean yottie kit congratulating eachother at the bar on having covered 20 miles of English coast from one marina to another.

Musto. The choice of Onanists.

Musto isnt the shooters first choice here in Liverpool.

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