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We all love Comrade Brown

Scotsman.com News - UK - Brown's loud boo to ya-boo politics

GORDON Brown yesterday pledged to break the adversarial mould of British politics, drafting in Conservative and Liberal Democrat advisers and promising to consult new "citizens' juries" on government policy.

"By creating a Party of National Unity the need for other parties is negated and their continued existence and funding is an expensive luxury and irrelevance we cannot afford in these days of national emergency (insert terrorism/ climate change/ plague as appropriate). The destabilising effect of dissenting views harms the British people and our efforts to defeat (as above). So as a interim measure during the emergency I am suspending all other political activities apart those of the Party of National Unity. To preserve the peace and our way of life severe penalties against transgressors...."

Update - BBC - Radio 2 - Shows - Jeremy Vine joins in by discussing: "ONE PARTY STATE" :
As two senior Conservatives become Labour policy advisors, we look at the increasing inevitability of the one party state.


If it wasn't so close to the truth, it would be funny!

With the number of laws introduced by Nu Lab which mimic or even out perform the ones introduced by Hitler before WW2, you start to get the feeling it isn't a coincidence.

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