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Respect or else

BBC NEWS | Education | Tougher rules for excluded pupils
Regulations coming into force in England this week require parents to keep pupils under supervision for the first five days of an exclusion...
Parents will face fines if they do not supervise children who have been excluded.
There is to be a new offence of failing to ensure a child is not found in a public place without reasonable justification....

Remind me again whose children they are. Oh, the State's, of course, silly me.

This autumn will also see the introduction of lessons in secondary schools teaching respect and "emotional intelligence"...

Teachers ape our political leaders in "demanding respect" - listen fuckheads, acting like a hoody demanding respect may get you sullen silence but not respect. The only way you get respect is to be GIVEN it, by earning it, by being a human being to be looked up at. The slovenly repressed whiners who get their kicks from shouting at kids don't get it, and don't deserve it.
And is it any wonder that kids get excluded in increasing numbers as they see through the pathetic tantrums of the teachers. It is not a lack of powers that prevent teachers being inspirational leaders but the pisspoor training and expectations of the teacher training courses.


Agreed. One teacher at my school had universal respect from everyone, even the most disruptive pupils. They behaved much better in his classes than anyone elses, and when they didn't he told them to take a walk or go have a smoke and when they came back, they behaved.

By contrast, the teacher who bellowed at them and made them stand outside the door like a dunce got only smirks and trouble for his misguided efforts.

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