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Top Ten Reasons Why Iain Dale Should.....

Iain Dale's Diary: Top Ten Reasons Michael Ancram Should....be leader... No. Looks like he has really upset the trendy Tories.

The PR cockup disaster is not Ancram's fault, it is Central Office and commentators like Iain's. FFS have none of them been to a board meeting, or shareholders meeting where some "stakeholder" puts forward an idea that doesn't fit with the new rebranding. Hissy fits don't work, think "big tent", "respect views", small giggle - "well I wouldn't have put it quite like that but as ever you are spot on". It is all about diffusing, listening and including. Not throwing toys out of the pram. When the traitorous Ken Clarke or Fatty Pang burp their poisonous thoughts where was the outrage then?

It is the first time I have felt a major party politician has been talking my language for a long time, but the reaction of the Metropolitan Elite show me that Central Office aren't Torys and will continue to condescendingly patronise us and hope we will vote for them whatever.

Download Michael Ancram's Pamphlet here (300k pdf)


Hello to a Yorkshire family from 1994. Merry Christmas you and yours!!!

Dear Yorkshire Family from 1994,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Mine are fine as well.
Wondering about one of four, but she seems hard working and fine.
Hope for the future and Scotland with Scotty and et al................

Mrs. Kathy Phongpitag

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