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Don't Know Much ’bout History..

Cameron issues a stern warning to party’s ‘blast from the past’ critics - Times Online
"When you make changes to a party you will get blasts from the past who signify absolutely nothing. I simply don’t agree with them. They are wrong.”

Mr Cameron made clear that he was angry with critics playing into Labour’s hands. He said: “I want all Conservatives to think carefully before they open their mouths.

“Political leadership is about taking the long-term approach. It’s about ignoring the noises off-stage. People in the party who are criticising me are just plain wrong. That’s all there is to it. I don’t think when Tony Blair was trying to change the Labour Party he spent his whole time worrying about what Tony Benn was saying. I have set a very clear course that has already reaped huge benefits for the party.”

There that has told them!, I'm the King of the Castle, it is all about me! Look how I have swept the Tories to stunning victory and popularity, all me, on my own!

Mr Cameron will reveal his plans today for a national citizen service. He wants 16-year-olds to devote all or part of their summer holiday to undertaking “patriotic” service. Youngsters could take part in a mini triathalon or military training. Others would work with elderly people and charities or help in Third World countries.

Mr Cameron said: “This will make people feel proud about themselves and about their country. It will mix people from different backgrounds. North and South, black and white, rich and poor. They will be putting something back into the community. It will be a way of learning respect for our country and each other, just like national service was.”

Talk about a "blast from the past" - the last National serviceman was discharged on 13 May 1963. The only people who can remember doing National Service are pensioners. And his wishy washy do good summer camps won't be compulsory so will be just a state subsidised holiday camp for middle class kids. A well meaning idea but five minutes thought would have made it obvious it is a pathetic idea to make a major policy announcement. But then he hasn't learnt that it wasn't his super "hug a hoody" or "stroke a seal" that gave him a poll bounce, but going back to the old fashioned Tory ideas on crime, or as he would put it a blast from the past.


Not being a Conservative or a conservative in any recognisable form, more a two-dimensionable, pr construction, pale immitation of the (former) Leader, The Little Boy Blue is absolved from the requirement to think before he opens his smarmy little gob. If he did have to engage his brain before speaking he'd say nothing, well I know he says nothing everytime he does speak, but you know what I mean.

I spent my summer holidays aged 16 and 17 working in Tesco's instore bakery. It was bloody hard work, humping tons (literally) of flour around, doing utterly tedious and backbreaking work for a miserly wage. I mixed with people with rudimentary educations while I was the public school-educated maths whiz. Did I do it to engender a sense of community or foster social mobility? No. I did it to make some bloody cash. And I bet I learnt a sight more out of the process than some poor kid is going to learn at the ghastly social worker-infested pestholes that Cameron's gulags will be. Christ alive, I swear I am never voting for that man.

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