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The Aral Sea , the media doesn't get it quite right..

The Spectator.co.uk
Why the lake has run dry
Martin Vander Weyer

Good summary of the Aral Sea Media story, quotes this website and my excellent correspondent Dennis Ambler - poor old Dennis gets blamed for being me, the blogger though; he will never be able to hold his head up in public again.


Have you come across www.1party4all.co.uk?

Many questions are asked on this revealing opinion-polling direct democracy website and you are invited to answer a few of them ....

You may also wish to review it on your blog, which may soon be displaying a 1Party banner!

Creator and Operator

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These early humans must have been re-issuing their Times Atlaseseses every four years as well:


The 1Party4All website (http://www.1party4all.co.uk) is an interesting concept. What if we did away with all the parties and politicians and we all voted purely on the policies? What kind of world would that create? Technology is already available which would enable us to all vote like this. What do people think?

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