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Bloggers reclaim the airways?

The Monkey Tennis Centre: BBC scraps climate change bias-athon
‘Many blogs run by climate skeptics groups regularly accuse the BBC of bias’, and I think this is the really interesting point in all of this. Bloggers, have, of course been at the forefront of the resistance to claims that the debate is over, and have enabled research by skeptical scientists, which previously would have been confined to science magazines and easily suppressed by a hostile media, to be seen by millions.

Another area where bloggers have led the way is in exposing media bias. A few years ago it was almost impossible for the public to complain about biased reporting by the BBC. You could write to them, or phone them, and your complaint would be duly noted before disappearing into the system. Only a few ‘right-wing’ journalists and Tory MPs were able to draw attention to dishonest or misleading reports with any effect.

Blogs have changed all that, and brought together thousands of people who have been quietly seething at the BBC for years, but felt they were powerless to do anything about it; complaints about bias now appear daily, both on dedicated 'Beeb-watch' sites and mainstream blogs, and every omission, half-truth and lie is quickly thrown back in the faces of those responsible.

There are clearly decent people in the BBC who are truly committed to impartiality, but I think we can chalk this one up to the bloggers.

It struck me with the Aral Sea nonsense (passim) that the dinosaurs still rule the newsrooms. If only some one introduced ITN news to Mr Google then instead of sending a reporter half way round the world to spout nonsense whilst standing like Doctor Foster in a puddle half way up to his middle, they could have shrugged at the PR release and all gone of for a civilised lunch with a decent chilled Chardonnay. They will learn....


I have to say I was struck by the power of blogging when a piece I wrote on my own blog, which has only a small readership, was cited in the Telegraph!

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