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My local Health Service

Health Crisis Day From Hell For Desperate 999 Staff (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
The initial call from Trowbridge to ambulance control was received at 4.16pm. The male patient's condition was categorised as Category B, which means the condition is non-life threatening and an ambulance response should reach the patient within 19 minutes.

But the target was not met and at 5.11pm the patient's family rang back to say his condition had deteriorated.

Ambulance control recategorised his condition as Category A, life threatening, where an ambulance should be sent within eight minutes.

The only available crew was in Devizes and they reached the patient at 5.29pm but there was nothing they could do.

It is understood the man died from a heart attack.

To further compound the family's distress the Great Western Ambulance Service despatched an ambulance crew to the home the next day by error.

They are closing all the local hospitals, (hospitals which were originally paid for by local fundraising) and promise us we can rely on mobile response teams if we can't make the half hour journey to the nearest sawbones. Am I reassured?, am I fuck!


Someone should be punished for this balls up. Why the hell did it take so long?

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