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Yummy Mummy Bansturbation

Ban the rotten lot | Rachel Johnson - Times Online
...a veritable smorgasbord of E-numbers, sugar, fat, and almost worst of all, salt,....children can’t be in charge of their own diets. But neither can their parents and neither, to be frank, can Ed Balls. The consumer is sovereign, not the parent nor the politician...

As we cannot police our children 24/7 and many parents themselves won’t protect them from this habit, I see no alternative but to ban all these additives

So just because she can't stop her own children eating sweets she wants to ban me from making the choice of what to feed my own.

(Oh and on the salt issue - read M H Alderman's Nature commentary which as Saltsensibility says: points out that the entire relationship is due to the fact that those who ate more salt ate more food. Adjusting for caloric intake wiped out the significance of the relationship. Nor was there any difference between the high-salt and low-salt groups in terms of preference for adding salt at the table. Alderman pointed out that those consuming more salt and calories may also have had more adequate intakes of other vital, growth-related nutrients, but that the study did not include these data. Thus, Alderman concludes that the data "support the Cochrane Collaboration conclusion that there was not sufficient evidence for a general dietary recommendation to reduce sodium intake.")


Why can't the parents? Can so. Some of them just have to learn to cook first!

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