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The Toryban plays Happy Families

Tories to end out-of-town free parking - Telegraph

Shoppers using out-of-town supermarkets would be forced to pay car parking charges under new Conservative proposals to defend the traditional British high street....

The 800-page report tries to deflect the inevitable criticism by stressing that the parking charges would be no greater than the amount people would pay in the nearest town centre.

The policy review group, which was co-chaired by Zac Goldsmith, the millionaire environmental campaigner, and John Gummer, the former Tory environment secretary, added that the money raised by the new charges would be used by the local authority to fund improved public transport....party would impose new "green taxes" in an attempt to encourage people to cut the amount of carbon they produced...best way to deliver the green growth that must be our aim..."the poorest in our society have got poorer "

...local communities should be given more powers to resist plans for big superstores in order to defend local shops. It will say that there should be "guidance on issues such as the floor space -allocated to superstore development, including an upper limit cap if desirable."....tougher checks on the "wider sustainability" of plans for new out-of-town stores.

So Mr Bun the Baker and Mr Green the Grocer who are locals through and through and have been on the council man and boy will be able to tell Tesco how much cheap fresh food they can sell. As they look over their counters at the stale old rolls and wilting cabbage I suppose they may be happy to support the Tory Greenmail attempt, but consumers???


It was our intention to return to the UK in 4 or 5 years times, however, we have put these plans on hold indefinitely. One of the factors that has caused us to feel that the UK is not a place that we could happily live in is the direction that the tory party has gone in under Little Boy Blue. It is unrecognisable as the party that we use to vote for as people who believe in individual rights and individual responsibilities. It is now a pale imitation of the Labour Party, which itself is a pale imitation of the principled party that I could support as an idealistic, naive teenager but desert as a young adult. Without a counter to the jackboot statism of Gordon Brown, the UK will spiral evermore rapidly into a situation where every minutiae of life is controlled by the state and nonconformism is considered anti-social.

John gummers local town centre obviously isnt Birkenhead...I would happily pay any amount to stay out of it.The list of things I have to do...not recycle,drive gas guzzler and shop at Tescos grows every day!..anything to make me feel I,m not toeing the party line.

In what conceivable universe could these people be described as "conservative"?


They are not, there is no such universe, but I wish they would bugger off to some other universe than ours.

Now if they had worried about local High streets some thirty years ago, when every Tory controlled council couldn't wait to install paking meters and parking restrictions on every inch of road where there was a shop of any kind, in an attempt to banish all but hairdressers, estate agents and charity shops, - and the corruption in planning departments was something to behold. On one council in London, the planning dept. chairman was also the MD of the developers working on the new town centre. Such positions were not considered as unusual.

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