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Brown to Bin Green Bin Tax?

Gordon Brown ready to scrap plan for tax on bin collections - Times Online
A Labour think-tank has come out firmly against the idea of extra charges for rubbish collection, amid signs that the Prime Minister is preparing to drop the scheme.

The New Local Government Network, chaired by Chris Leslie, Gordon Brown’s campaign co-ordinator, says that the proposal to charge those putting out too much rubbish, while giving rebates to those who recycle more, will not work.

Still time for the Zak and Gummer Torybans to come out supporting it then....

Of course it wouldn't work with out causing a public health and pollution problem , exactly the reasons why Councils are charged to pick the rubbish in the first place. Does this mean that I don't have to put the chip back into my bin?


I thought I was the only one who removed their chip...

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