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The wheels on the bus go round and round...

Tories unveil green 'showroom tax' on cars - Telegraph
By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent

Plans for a “showroom tax” on new cars - which would hit 4X4 “gas guzzlers” the hardest - will be unveiled by David Cameron’s “green advisers” this week.
Tories plan supertax on gas guzzling vehicles - Telegraph
By Charles Clover, Environment Editor and Toby Helm

Motorists who buy environmentally unfriendly "gas guzzling" cars would be hit by a new batch of green "supertaxes" that would add thousands of pounds to the final bill under plans to be announced by David Cameron's advisers.

And I suppose the Torygraph will recycle this story once again once the advice is actually released...

All you need to know it is supported by Tony Juniper, Zac and Gummer - enuff said


Ooooh Dave......
Can I vote for you? Can I, Can i?
Don't hold your breath you statist little fuck.

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