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Local Hospital Disgrace

Health Crisis - Horrific And Disturbing Conditions At Hospital (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

Blood-stained cupboards, dirty bathrooms and neglected patients are just some of the things health watchdog Mary Wilson found on a trip to Great Western Hospital.

"We heard stories about nurses seeing patients 20 minutes after they had pushed their buttons and one patient even claimed that there was blood all down the bedside table.

"I spoke to some patients who had asked for blankets and four hours later the nurse threw them at them and told them they'd have to put them on the bed themselves."

She claimed one patient she met endured almost a five-hour wait to go home after being discharged because doctors hadn't prescribed him with the drugs he needed to continue his treatment at home.

This is now my nearest hospital, half an hour away if I drive very fast. Only 5 years old, brand new, every gizmo the health professionals wanted, no excuses. It's not the building, its not the lack of resources it is the management of the staff.


It's the staff.

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