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I'm going to keep shouting at you until you listen

Ignorance about food 'staggering' - Telegraph

Four out of 10 people do not know that fat and sugar can be bad for them, government research has shown.

Figures from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) show that 42 per cent of people do not know that foods high in fat and sugar should only be eaten occasionally.

One in five people believe that if they eat enough fruit and vegetables it will counteract any harm done by unhealthy foods.

Almost as many think they can eat as much fat and sugar as they like, as long as they exercise.

Oh I wish they had asked me! I love confusing survey companies. But what we have here is Dr Bean Sprout complaining that after "decades" of giving out health advice the great British public has shut its ears to him and is giving him a good ignoring. So his answer - more and louder hectoring!

"Today the FSA launches an "eatwell" plate which shows the proportions of different food groups that should be eaten in a single meal.

It shows that fruit and vegetables should make up one third of a meal, with another third devoted to starches such as potatoes, rice and pasta.

Milk and dairy should constitute 15 per cent of the plate, meat and fish 12 per cent, while fat and sugar combined should make up just eight per cent of a healthy meal."


FFS, where do you they go to drag up these retarded fuckwits? Four in ten people don't know that fatty and sugary foods are bad for you? What a crock of shit.

...I love confusing survey companies...

Strangely, so do I.

One would imagine that my favorite meal of steak, eggs (fried in butter), chips and baked beans would not find favor with this man.

Especialy if accompanied by a pint of bitter.

Oh, well... can't please 'em all.

Interesting figure. Is it coincidence that 42% of the population are also reliant on handouts?

How we survived this far, I have no idea...

Oh yes - by not listening to these fuckwits.

"fat and sugar combined should make up just eight per cent of a healthy meal"

I can see I'm going to have to increase my fat and sugar intake.

Shut up. Just shut up.

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