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Copperfield Revealed

The Policeman's Blog

Monday (17th Sept) at 2030 BST on BBC1 you can watch a programme about the police. It's going to be called "Wasting Police Time" and it features yours truly being interviewed by the great Jeremy Vine about police-type issues. It promises to be the best police programme for some time (apart from World's Wildest Police Chases, obviously).

Watch the programme and find out all about what it's really like in the police

And now everyone can call him Stuart....

Not even the 36-year-old's closest colleagues knew he was responsible for the blog, which was written under the pen-name of PC David Copperfield and has received over one million hits since he started it.

'Waste of time'

In his blog Mr Davidson outlined the "madness" of his target-driven duties in a place he called Newtown, which he has now disclosed was Burton-on-Trent.

Speaking openly for the first time, he told Panorama he was frustrated with bureaucracy and paperwork.

"The public think that we solve burglaries, the public think that we're actually on patrol accosting thieves and people who are up to no good," he said.

"But what we actually do is attempt to meet government statistics by solving trivial crime."

Staffordshire police said analysis showed officers spent 62% of their time out of the station, but it accepted they have to deal with too much bureaucracy and they're working to change it.

Mr Davidson, who received two commendations during his four years in the force, said about 80% of what he did "was a waste of time".

"I thought nobody else can be doing things that are so insane," he said.

"But it transpires that there are thousands and thousands of other police officers out there doing exactly the same kinds of things

"It depends on the nature of the offence of course, but you arrest somebody and it'll take you the rest of the shift - say eight to 10 hours - to deal with that if it's even remotely complicated."

Mr Davidson said he was sometimes tempted not to make an arrest because processing it would mean so much time off the street.

He is quitting the force in Britain to join the police in Canada.


Strange, where is the "public" who think the police solve burglaries and catch thieves and such like? Most of us have given up wishful thinking.

Derek, I think "the public" referred to are the BBC and various politicians.

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