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The best argument ever for Scottish Independence

Scotsman.com News - Independent Scotland would have to apply to join EU

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would be forced to apply to become a member of the European Union, a senior official said last night....

Joe Borg, the fisheries commissioner, has broken ranks to say unequivocally that in his view, an independent Scotland would remain outside the EU until it had completed the formal application process - in the same way as Eastern European states have done in recent years.

That application process would be much easier than for the new accession states because Scotland has been in the EU for 30 years, but it would probably take months, maybe even years, to complete, with all the other member states having to approve the country's membership before it could join.

In an interview with The Scotsman, Mr Borg said: "On the issue concerning Scotland's independence, that's not my competence to assess or to evaluate but if, for one moment, we were to assume that Scotland gained independence and therefore is eligible as a new member state for the European Union, I would see that, legally speaking, the continuation of the membership would remain with the rest of the UK - less Scotland. And, therefore, Scotland, as a newly independent state, would have to apply for membership."

Mr Borg's remarks run completely against assumptions the SNP has been making for years and contradict statements from both Mr Salmond and his enterprise minister, Jim Mather.
This year, Mr Mather said: "We are an incumbent member state - what about England having to re-apply?"

Sauce for the goose etc, if Scotland left the Union then the union is broken and England's status changes just as much (which is why we should have a say as well.) So please, let us be chucked out and have to reapply!


It's a bit weird isn't it, to become independent and then to apply for Euro-subservience and lose that independence all over again? Let them walk in kilometers and eat kilograms...

If they have to apply over again, does it mean they regain the fishing rights, for much of the North Sea and the Atlantic, up to the point of entry? They might like it so much they would stay outside.

More a question than a comment: if the UK is a member of the EU & splitting into two parts causes one of those parts (Scotland) to cease to be in the EU, what about the other part? Does this mean thst England would also cease to be part of the EU?

Sorry - I was a bit too quick off the mark. Missed your last comment before raising the comment above.

"So please, let us be chucked out and have to reapply!"

The EU wouldn't dare make us reapply.

They know what the answer would be.

Whatever the rules are, they'd find a way to make sure we were locked in.

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