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Re Hayne’s case (1614) 77 ER 1389

Alan Johnson to make everyone organ donors - Telegraph

Everyone will automatically have their organs taken for transplant unless they have registered their objections under plans being considered by the Government, it will be announced today.

The systematic and prolonged campaign to take away private property rights to our land, our investments, our homes obviously culminates in the state seizure of our corpses. Whilst long standing common law prevents anyone actually owning a dead body, our heirs have a right to possession of it in most cases, but hey, if the sawbones want to hack a bit off it then if this government going to stand in the way?


I have carried a donor card for over 20 years, but if donation becomes compulsory I opt out.

Either the donation is freely given or it doesn't happen.

This government has long seen the rest of us as cattle to be herded. Now it begins to see us as scrap to be plundered for spares.

Jeff, you beat me to it. I am in exactly the same position with a donor card. My opt-out will be registered on day 1 if this is introduced.

Why not throw your house in with your organs? It'll save the Govt all the hassle of inheritance tax calculation?

I, too, will dump my donor card. If our dead bodies belong to the state, how long before we are told exactly how to look after them so they stay healthy - hang on, that's already happened . . . . 5 a day - no cigs - 10 units alcohol max in a year . . .

Fuck'em. What they gonna do after you're dead? Fine you? Love me, love my dog ! HA HA ! I'll leave mine to a muslim - I drink like a fish, and boy do I like pork chops!

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