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BBC Bans Konnie Huq's Pussy

Socks, the Blue Peter cat who could cost BBC staff their jobs - Times Online
The television programme Blue Peter was accused yesterday of deceiving children for the second time in a year as the BBC removed staff blamed for a series of phone-in scandals that have damaged its credibility with the public.

A former producer on the children’s show, Britain’s longest-running, has been suspended after it emerged that production staff had ignored the result of a viewer poll to choose a name for the Blue Peter cat last year.

Socks was the name chosen for the Blue Peter cat by the programme’s producers, although insiders said that the decision was taken because the most common name selected – a variant on Puss – was deemed to be inappropriate.

Oh, even The Times has come over all coy, let me guess what what word came to mind, oh I already have....

(Picture - Public Domain)


Excellent story, if only as an excuse for a picture of Konnie Huq.

She is smoking hot!
..but inevitably a raging lefty.

"raging lefty." is a synonym for "puts out." I fail to see the downside.

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