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Tim Ireland has gone up the Arsenal

Chicken Yoghurt » Public Service Announcement
Tim Ireland’s Bloggerheads site is currently down after his webhost pulled the plug.....Craig Murray and Tim Ireland made blog posts concerning Alisher Usmanov. It is these blog posts that were objected to by Usmanov’s lawyers.

Boris Johnson, Bob Piper and Clive Summerfield have lost their sites for the simple reason that they were hosted on the the same server as Craig’s and Tim’s sites and went the same way when the plug was pulled. They are NOT associated with the dispute with Alisher Usmanov in any way.

Take it as read that I'm outraged as any other about this - it is bad enough that blogs are silenced after making allegations, when the blogs firstly allow full right of reply and secondly remove the material objected to. But then for the host to pull the plug on other sites - or have they handed over the box? - is simply indefensible. And when one of the blogs is that of a campaigning MP and candidate in a election m'learned friends ought to get involved on the other side to cry political interference.

Don't expect Freedom of Speech over here in this benighted corner of the EU, which is why I'm proud to remind everyone that this site is hosted and published in the USA.

As AOL reports Mssrs Google still have the Bloggerhead post in their cache so are Schillings going to chase them a well? And The Times still carries the story, why not them? It wouldn't be they are just picking on the little guys, would it? As AOL says "for all their claims that Murray is libeling their client, Schillings has not actually sued Murray for libel. They have told anyone who will listen that Murray's book, Murder at Samarkand, is defamatory against Usmanov, but it's been out for more than a year, and they have never taken any legal action against Murray. Instead, they seem more focused on getting any mention of Murray and his allegations against Usmanov removed from the web -- and as the Streisand Effect teaches us, that's pretty much impossible.

If Murray's goal was to make Usmanov look like a thug, then mission accomplished, and it may be why the remaining Arsenal board members are redoubling their efforts to prevent Usmanov from taking over the club. If Murray ever finds his way back to the Internet, this story could get even nastier. Let's just hope nobody finds any polonium-210 in their soup because of this.

UPDATE - Wonko has more

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