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Shoot'em up Day

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Alberta wants kids to get hunting

The citizens of Alberta just aren't going after big game at the pace they once did, according to the government of the western Canadian province, but a remedy is in the works.

The province has designated September 22 as its first "Hunting Day," an attempt to lure the video-game generation off the couch and into the great outdoors.

Ted Morton, the province's Minister of Sustainable Resource Development -- and an avid hunter -- said a generation is being lost to television, computers and shopping malls.

"Hunting is more fun (than video games) and a lot healthier," he said.


I live in British Columbia, Canada, next door to Alberta as it were. Am an avid hunter myself and am glad to report that our provincial government is working to increase the number of hunters in this provice [of 4 million people] by 25,000. Just as in the UK, deer in particular are running rampant.

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