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Spanky lesbian pixie wenches vs Al Gore, your choice.

don't set fire to your jacket: on climate change:

..we cannot make sensible predictions about the future of the climate based on the science we have. All we can do is study a few aspects that we are unable to tell whether they will be important to the issue. Theories of man made climate change are therefore, whatever they are, not scientific. We have the observation and theory but no way, at present, to test these theories. ACC is not proven and to say that "there is a consensus" on the issue simply falls back into the nonrational category, it can't be falsified or verified. To take severe actions on this basis is no better than blindly following God's word.

What to do then? Well take my advice and start praying hard to the spanky lesbian pixie wenches, it will no less good and a lot less harm.

Now that is talking sense!


This is common sense. There isn't actually a consensus anyway. The consensus has been proven to be false.

Great headline... how disappointed am I?

Well, yes, I came here in all innocence looking for spanky lesbian pixie wenches. They sound more exciting than the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I'll go with the SLPW over the FSM any day, need pictures though.

Thankyou Mr E. After years of spiritual searching I think I have found my true vocation. Can anyone tell me where the nearest church of the spanky lesbian pixie wenches seminary might be. I think I have all the right devotional attitudes to be a bishop if not a cardinal.

Thank you all for your kind words, I'm sure the spanky lesbian pixie wenches will be thrilled. As to The Remittance Man's request for his nearest seminary I can reveal that all places vending strong alcoholic beverages serve as such. Just keep drinking until you see them.

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